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A Cleaning Service Professionals Can Trust

Condos to Castles Cleaning service is dedicated to serving the community in every way. That includes offering our services to busy professionals like real estate agents and home builders. Condos to Castles works with real estate agents and investors across the Hudson Valley. We understand that when selling or renting a property it must look "show room" clean.



Condos to Castles offers cleaning services for model homes to some of the biggest builders in the nation. These are homes that sell for over $500,000 and they demand perfection in their cleaning service. Condos to Castles Cleaning is experienced with the needs of builders and how to provide this service in the most cost effective manner.


Condos to Castles provides cleaning services to apartments and rental properties all over the Hudson Valley. We can clean the common areas on a weekly basis or provide move out cleans when a tenant leaves. We understand that tenants can often leave a mess behind. We would say that we have seen it all, but after 10 years, we are still surprised at what sort of a condition your property can be left in. Rest assured that we can handle just about anything thrown at us.

Real Estate Agents

Condos to Castles Cleaning considers real estate agents as some of our best customers. You understand a good cleaning service is one of the most cost effective ways to help a home sell. We can provide one time cleaning or on going service while your home is on the market. We understand that when your refer someone to us you are putting your name at risk and we will do everything we can to satisfy your customers.



Condos to Castles cleans homes for investors that rehab homes across the Hudson Condos to Castles always offers NET 30 terms to investors and, because we take all major credit cards, you can stretch payment out for 60 days giving you time to sell the property before the bill is even due.


Call Condos to Castles Cleaning at 91 4-474-3516 to receive a free service quote or to schedule your service call.