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Residential Services

Enjoy life...let Condos to Castles handle it!

Most of Condos to Castles Cleaning clients are residential home owners just like you. We create the stress free time that you have been craving, and make your daily life that much less stressful. You can always relax knowing that we've got you covered in the home cleaning department. Condos to Castles has been providing families with this same peace of mind for 10 years.

We DO NOT need to do an in house estimate in your home to give you a cleaning qoute. We do prefer however, to do an onsite visit for clients who are signing up for regular service (Bi Weekly or Weekly). When given this opportunity, we make the most of it and are able to takes notes from you, the home owner, room by room, on what, and how, you'd like to have your home cleaned. What are your pet peeves? What sort of little things would you like to be sure are taken care of? Even if they are out of the norm, we can design the clean, and the instruction sheet, specifically for you and your home.

Because Condos to Castles is dedicated to cleaning your home the way you would if you were cleaning it yourself, Condos to Castles' specialists will use any cleaning products that you provide, but keep in mind we always carry our own to ensure that the job can be completed the first time ,every time. We also guarantee your home will be cleaned to your satisfaction or we will come back and fix the problems at no additional charge to you. We are Proud to offer various cleaning products to meet your needs.

So whether you are looking for weekly, bi-weekly, a one-time cleaning, or you are a renter looking for a move out or move in cleaning, Condos to Castles can help. So go enjoy life and let the professional maids at Condos to Castles handle it!


Got pets? Don't Worry


At Condos to Castles we understand that your pets are part of your family. The owner of Condos to Castles has pet sitting on her resume! The commitment to treating pets as a member of the family remains with her, and our company, to this day. Our maids are trained on how to treat your pets well...we have no problem letting the dog out or cleaning the liter box and we always wash and freshen pet bowls! However not all pets are socialized to accept strangers in their home so if you are not sure, please make sure your pets are secured for their safety and ours. If your pet has any special needs, just let us know. Ask about pet sitting!  Don't Wait Call Now

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