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Stainless steel comes in 9 types of finishes. The most common finish you will clean is a number 4. Number 4 finish is used on those items I listed above. The stainless steel finish can polished or brushed. With brushed stainless steel always clean with the grain. When cleaning stainless steel always start with the basics and work your way up from there as needed. Follow these steps.

Using glass cleaner:
1. Spray a blue microfiber cloth with glass cleaner.
2. Wipe surface with the grain until dry.
3. Repeat until entire surface is cleaned.

A touch of baby oil makes a brilliant shine!

Using a mild detergent and polishing:
1. Use a mild detergent with a pH level of 7-8. Mix per manufactures directions into a 32 ounce spray bottle.
2. Lightly spray the surface or a yellow microfiber cloth with solution and wipe surface with the grain.
3. Dry the surface.
4. Apply stainless steel polish to surface or to a microfiber cloth.
5. Wipe with the grain overlapping as you move across the surface. Watch for even application of stainless steel polish on the surface. (water based products can be difficult)



Some ideas for cleaning copper pots and tubs:

Bar Keeper's Friend

Add a touch of water to baby powder and make a paste!